Closing Matters by Jerry Vines

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Titus 3:8-15
A. Faith is the Root
B. Good Works is the Fruit
Am False Teaching
B. False Teachers
A. Reaching the Lost
B. Building the Church
C. Greeting the Saints
Closing Matters
Titus 3:8-15
These are the closing words of the veteran preacher, Paul, to the young preacher boy,
Titus. Paul had a way of getting a young preacher boy and just pouring his life anrd mifliS-
try into him. It is a wise, mature Christian who will always be interested in finding
younger Christians to whom they can minister and with whom they can serve. If you want
to reproduce your life and want to leave something in this world of lasting value, then
you invest your life in the lives of other people. I want to just say a word from the
very beginning of the message today of appreciation to our adults who went to camp this
week as counsellors, giving a week of their time, a week of their life, and being will-
ing to invest their interest, their prayers, and their concern in the lives of young
Christians. Paul realized that the gospel of Jesus was only one generation away from
extinction. So Paul, over and over again demonstrates to us the importance of mature
Christians guiding and discipling and developing younger Christians. Now, Titus, on the
other hand was very wise to accept the counsel of a godly man who had been along the
road and who knew more about the things of the Lord than he did. Now you remember that
Titus had a very difficult job. He was a young man. He was the pastor of the church in
Crete. These people were very needy people. They had come out of a civilization, out of
a culture that was ungodly to the extreme. There were many temptations which were natural
to their own culture which made it very difficult for them to live a separated, consecrated
Christian life. So Paul has written this letter to young Titus. Titus i ...

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