Let The Bishops Be Blameless by Jerry Vines

Titus 1:5-9
A. Companion
B. Children
A. Negatives to Avoid
B. Positives to Acquire
A. Encourages the Good
B. Exposes the Bad
Titus 1:5-9
Young Titus had a very tough assignment. I can imagine it was on a Monday morning after
a very difficult Sunday. He had just finished his breakfast and was thinking about the
responsibilities before him. He was rather considering the possibility of resigning his
post because it was so very, very difficult. About that time a courier came with a letter
from the apostle, Paul, and the young preacher, Titus opens it up and he begins to read.
His heart is touched and he smiles warmly as he reads the opening words Paul has to say.
As he remembers the fact that Paul was the man who had brought him to faith in Jesus
Christ; Paul says, Titus, you are mine own son in the common faith. Then in the fifth
verse the apostle Paul reminds Titus why he had left him in the island of Crete. There
were two reasons Paul left the young man there. The first reason was that he should set
in order the things that were lacking. Now the particular word there is a word that
was used in the medical profession to describe the setting of a bone that was out of
place. There were some things in the church that were out of place that needed to be
put back together. A church is described, in the New Testament, as a body and from time
to time some things get out of joint. So a pastor has to become a spiritual surgeon
and put those things back together. The second reason Paul says, Timothy, I want you
to stay at your post and do your job,is to appoint elders in every city. Now you will
notice in this particular passage that there are two different words used for pastors.
There is the word, elders, found here in verse five; and then there is the word, bishop,
found in verse seven. Actually th ...

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