Let Your Light Shine! by Jerry Vines

Philippians 2:14-18
Dr. Jerry Vines
The Bible abounds in figures of speech to explain what the
Christian life is all about. In the verses we have read there are a
number figures of speech that explain to us what it means to us to be a
Christian and what Christian living is really like. In verse 15 he
compares God's people to the sons of God or the children of God. So,
the Christian life is like being a son in a family. When you receive
Jesus as your Savior you are born of the spirit of God and you become a
child in God's family. Also in that verse he compares the Christian life
to being like a star in the firmament. He says "among whom ye shine as
lights in the world." Dropping down to verse 17 he compares the
Christian life to being like a sacrifice in the faith. He talks about
the sacrifice and the service of your faith. Three beautiful figures of
speech about what the Christian life is like. I don't have time to deal
with all three of them so I'm going to just pick one and just wrap these
verses of Scripture around that figure of speech.
I want to talk about a Christian life being like a star in the
firmament. Notice in verse 15 he says "among whom ye shine as lights in
the world." Lights there could be translated luminaries for it is a
reference to the heavenly bodies -- the sun, the moon, the stars. A
rather interesting way to describe the Christian life. In the creation
in Genesis 1 the Bible says that God made the sun to rule over the day
and the moon to rule over the night and then it says he made the stars
also. Right after that God says that these heavenly bodies were
intended to give light on the earth. What a picture this is. A star
giving light on a darkened earth. What a picture that is of what a
Christian life is intended to be. You and I, according to scripture,
are to be like stars shining in a dark world. Jesus used a similar
figure of speech when he said "ye are the light of the world." He said,
first of all, "I'm the light of the world." Then he said to believers,
"You are the light of the world." He means we are to be like Jesus. We
are to be like lights shining in the dark world. The Bible teaches us
that when we come to Christ we who used to be in the darkness of sin
have now been brought into the light of salvation. Back in the
Ephesians 5:8 it says - "For you were sometimes darkness, but now are
you light in the Lord. Walk as children of the light." A wonderful
miracle has taken place. Those of us who have come to Jesus Christ have
been made light in the Lord. We are to be stars in the firmament of the
world. Stars shining for the Lord Jesus Christ. The book of
Philippians is God's happy little book. It is God's book that tells us
how to have a happy life. As we are moving through these chapters
together we are finding a lot of ways the Bible says we will be happy.
I guess everybody in the world wants to be happy. The Bible says that
every human being ...

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