Living Is What You Are Alive To Do by Jerry Vines

Philippians 1:21-26
Dr. Jerry Vines
Probably you remember, at some point in your school life, you
were asked by an English teacher or maybe a psychology teacher to spend
about fifteen or twenty minutes and write out your philosophy of life.
In other words, what life really meant to you. How you looked upon
life. The meaning and the purpose of life. The Apostle Paul, in twelve
very brief words in verse 21, shares with us his philosophy of life. If
you and I can say what Paul did in verse 21 we will be happy people as
Paul was. It is a bLaL -nt about the quality of life. There are many
expressions today about what life is really all about. Sometimes we
turn to the Bible and we find a variety of statements about life. James
says life is a vapor that appears for a little while then it vanishes
away. James is talking about the brevity of life. We know indeed that
life is like a vapor -- here today and gone tomorrow.
Sometimes we find other expressions about life. In Psalm 90:9
the Bible says we spend our years as a tale that is told, talking again
about the brevity of life. Shakespeare pulled that statement from the
Word of God and he said life is a tale that is told by an idiot full of
sound and fury signifying nothing. Shakespeare put a different twist on
the statement and he made a statement, the quality of life to him. But
we do not have to turn to Shnkespeare for a statement of pessimism about
the meaning of life. All around us there is a great deal of pessimism
about life. When the rock and roll area began there was a song which
had a line in it that said: life is what you do while you are waiting to
A group of students were asked one day to put down their
philosophy of life. Here are two of the answers that were given. One
of the students said: Life is the pienis' -nt for the crime of being
born. Another student said: Life is a disease for which the only cure
is death. There is a great deal ...

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