The Anatomy Of A Happy Heart by Jerry Vines

Philippians 1:3-8
Dr. Jerry Vines
Through the Apostle Paul God has given us a beautiful little
book which tells us how to have joy in our daily life. It has been
referred to as God's book of Christian psychology. It is God's book
which tells us how to have a joyful Christian mind. That is certainly
not an original concept with me. When I first started preaching I
decided I would be original or nothing. I soon found out I was both.
There is very little original in the world and it is not original to me
to point out that this book has to do with how to have a joyful
Christian mind. As you go through this book you will notice that over
and over again Paul makes reference to the mind and to joy. Paul is
eminently qualified to talk to us about joy. In spite of difficult
circumstances Paul has come to discover a reservoir of joy which we can
have in our heart. Paul is a man who though he is in prison, though he
has gone through many, many times of turmoil and difficulty he has a
hallelujah chorus ringing down deep in his soul. I'm interested in
listening to a man who has gone through what he has in telling me how to
have a joyful Christian mind.
One of the amazing things about this book is that you will
notice there is a real love relationship between Paul and these
Philippian believers. He is constantly making reference to his love for
them. That is astounding when you consider that when Paul wrote this
particular book he was incarcerated in a prison. If I was in jail
writing a letter I probably would be pretty occupied with myself. I
would probably be telling you how narrow the Jail was. I would probably
be telling you how terrible the food was and could you please come by
and check on me. But when you read about Paul in jail, instead of
dwelling on his own unfavorable circumstances, he is constantly making
reference to the Philippian believers. Four times in these verses Paul
uses the little phrase "you al ...

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