by Jerry Vines

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: His Infernal Majesty
Ephesians 4:10-11
Jerry Vines
In our study of Ephesians we find ourselves in a suddenly
changing atmosphere. We discover we are in the midst of a war. We are
in the midst of flashing guns, booming cannons, clashing swords - all
around us we have the nomenclator and the names and the words that have
to do with a great war. There is a great war that is going on in the
world. It is not the war that is going on in Bosia Hertza Kavenia. It
is not the war that is going on in Iraq or Iran. But the greatest war
that is going on in the world is the war that is going on between good
and evil, between God and the Devil.
So, when we come to Ephesians 6 the Word of God gives us
instruction and direction about this matter concerning the spiritual
war. The average Christian is the center of attention in this war and
yet he is not aware that there is a war even going on. Some people who
are Christians do not understand the nature of the warfare aspect of the
Christian life. If you have been a Christian for any period of time you
are aware that there is an intense struggle that goes on. The Christian
life is not a walk; it is a war. The Christian life is not a
playground, it is a battleground. There is a war going on in the seen
world and also in the unseen world. There are powers that are vying for
supremacy and there are forces at work having the purpose and goal of
destroying the things of God and destroying the individual life of the
If you are going to be in a battle one of the first things you
need to know is who the enemy is. If you are going to be in a battle
and be successful in winning the battle then you need to know something
about the enemy. As I study the Bible about the Christian life I
discover that the Christian has basically three enemies. The Bible
presents to me three basic enemies of the Christian life and the church
of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We have first of all ...

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