Does Murphy Brown Need A Husband? by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 5:25-33
Jerry Vines
In our study of the book of Ephesians we have come to the
practical section where application is made concerning the great
doctrines of the faith on our daily behavior and daily lifestyle. We
are looking in particular now at what these verses have to say about the
institution of marriage and the family. I think it is especially
appropriate at this particular time that we are studying what the Bible
has to say about marriage and the family. We are engaged at the present
time in a presidential election and you are hearing a great deal about
family values. Family values really burst on to the national scene as a
result of something that was said by Vice-President Dan Quayle. He was
making a speech and he was talking about family values and these kinds
of things and in the course of his speech he made some remarks
concerning Murphy Brown. As result of that, since that time, there has
been a great deal said about family values.
It la rather interesting to note that a lot of people are having
a hard time defining what we mean by family values. People can't seem
to figure it out. They can't seem to understand. They can't seem to
really get hold of what we mean when we are talking about family values.
I guess one of the reasons why that is true is because when you get
into the area of family values that's one of the areas that everybody
knows what it's all about and yet it's a little hard sometimes to put it
specifically into language. Another reason why people are having a hard
time defining family values may be that they are seeking to avoid any
connection whatsoever with a religious perspective. When you talk about
matters of family value, if you are going to really define what that is
and if you are really going to explain that meaning, you are driven to
the value base you hold as the foundation for what you believe about the
Family values have their origi ...

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