The Feminist Movement And The Modern Wife by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 5:22-24
Jerry Vines
I'm beginning now a brief study here on the family in the book
of Ephesians. We are looking at some of the burning issues in the 90's
and I don't suppose there is any more burning issue than the issue of
family values in the 90's.
In the current presidential campaign you will be hearing more
and more from both parties and from both candidates about the matter of
family values. I would throw in a little caveat to you - when you hear
the term "family values" keep in mind that a conservative means one
thing by "family values" and a liberal means another thing. Liberals in
politics are like liberals in theology. Liberal preachers and liberal
politicians have a great deal in common. Liberal preachers use the same
words Dr. Lindsay and I use, but they mean different things by them. We
talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and we mean one thing. When
liberals talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ they mean another
thing. The same thing is true in the world of politics. When those who
talk about family values believe the Bible and have the Judeo/Christian
ethic as its underpending then their thinking in terms of morality, they
are talking about honesty, they are talking about the value of the
family in terms of what the Bible teaches about the family. Liberals
when they talk about family values are talking about such things as
increased social programs sponsored by the government in order to do for
you what the Bible says you ought to do for yourself. So, don't be led
astray just because people use the same words you may use.
A liberal uses our vocabulary, but he doesn't use our
dictionary. He uses the same words we use but he has different
definitions for these particular words.
A part of the whole family value issue is the relationship of
the husband and the wife in what the Bible has to say about marriage,
the family, the home, the husband/wife ...

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