On The Way To Jerusalem by Jerry Vines

These words record for us the Lord Jesus as He turns His face toward
Jerusalem. It's just about a week before Jesus will be hanging on a cross,
dying for the sins of the world. So, in His own mind and heart, He is pointing
toward the cross. He is going up to the place to die. In the Bible, Jerusalem
is always up. Everytime people went to Jerusalem it was a going up. That was
true geographically because it was on a mountain. From whatever direction you
came to the city of Jerusalem it was always a going up. But, spiritually, it
was a going up as well because when people went to Jerusalem they were to
carry an offering and to make an offering before the Lord. Well, the Lord
Jesus is going up to Jerusalem and He is taking the offering of Himself to
place Himself on Calvary's altar for the sins of the whole world. There is a
tense atmosphere in these particular verses. There is a sense of foreboding on
the part of the disciples. You remember Jesus had previously told them He was
going to die on the cross. They weren't prepared for this message. They
really didn't want to hear Jesus talk about this message. They had visions of
a kingdom and earthly reign. They could see themselves sharing with Jesus in
ruling and dominating in this earth. So, for Jesus to talk to them about going
up to the cross was something that was very disturbing to them. On the way up
to Jerusalem, as they make their journey, we see Jesus alone with His own
thoughts. We see the disciples filled with amazement. Then, the crowd at large
coming along and they are very afraid. It is an extremely intense atmosphere.
It is an atmososphere where Jesus Christ needs to speak some words of
enohouragement and words of help. There are several details which emerge from
this journey up to Jerusalem which I want to share with you today.
Notice again, Jesus makes the prediction that He is going to die on the cross.
This is t ...

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