Trying The Hands Of God by Jerry Vines

Mark 6:1-6
Now, these verses give us the record of the last visit of our Lord to His hometown, the little
town of Nazareth. Nazareth was the place where Jesus was brought up. It was there, the Scrip-
ture says, He grew in wisdom, in knowledge, in stature, and in favor with God and with men.
There is always something special about going back to your home town. Perhaps many of you, as
I, were brought up in a little town. My little home town had about 12,000 population. There
is always something special about going back to that kind of little town. It can be a rather
interesting experience. I remember a few years ago, Susan Hayworth, the movie star, lived in
our little town. She won an academy award for a motion picture entitled, "I Want To Live."
After she had won the academy award they had a special day for her, had a parade, big festivi-
ties in our little town. They put banners all over the town - We Want You To Live Here,
Susan Hayworth. A little town has a way of honoring its performers, but most little towns
aren't real interested in its preachers. So, after they had the big parade, I came into town.
I'd been away in revival meeting for a few days. There were no banners welcoming me back home.
There were no signs telling me how happy they were I lived there. They wanted me to live there.
There is a reason for that. That reason is going to become apparent as we study these verses
of Scripture today. The Lord Jesus Christ returns to the little town of Nazareth and there
are some lessons from this story which happened years ago which has application and meaning
to our life and where you and I live in this very day. So, I want us to follow the events of
these verses. The last time, so far as we know, that Jesus went back to his home town of
Nazareth, and see what God can say to us from those verses for our lives today. First of all
I want you to notice -
The reason is not apparent as you loo ...

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