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Attitude Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • Attitude and Strength Bits and Pieces, May, 1991, p. 15
  • Crabs The Bell, the Clapper, and the Cord: Wit and Witticism, (Baltimore: National Federation of the Blind, 1994), p. 73
  • Laughter as Medicine Today in the Word, MBI, 12-18-91
  • Lost Arm Source unknown
  • Perk Up Adapted from Sower of Seeds, FR. Brian Cavanaugh, Paulist Press, Bits & Pieces, June 22, 1995, pp. 2-3.
  • Quote
  • The Cathedral Source unknown
  • Two Rings Reader's Digest, January, 1992
  • What Are We Looking For? Steve Goodier, Quote Magazine, in May, 1990 R.D.