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Teamwork Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • 1000-Mile Dog Sled Run Source unknown
  • Committee Bits and Pieces, September 19, 1991, pp. 5-6
  • Enablement for Uncommon Things Management (HarperCollins), Reader's Digest, p. 209
  • Geese Chuck Swindoll, letter, October, 1991
  • Honey Bees Bits & Pieces, September 17, 1992, pp. 19-20
  • How to Hold a Team Together Bear Bryant
  • Jimmy Durante Holy Sweat, Tim Hansel, 1987, Word Books Publisher, pp. 104-105
  • Mountain Climbers Help Each Other Submitted by E. M. Gershater, communications manager, Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, Ohio
  • Profile of a Team Source unknown
  • Response to an Insurance Company Source unknown
  • The Ideal Team Source unknown