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Five Workstyle Categories

The Word in Life Study Bible, New Testament Edition, (Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville; 1993), p. 759




"obedient to their own masters"


Do you follow instructions? Do you comply with industry standards?Do you pay your fair share of taxes?

"well pleasing in all things"


Do you.take pride in your work? Do you use the right tools for the job, in the right way? Do you work just as hard even when the boss isn't around?

"not answering back


Do you seek to resolve conflicts in a healthy way? Do you respond with honesty and courtesy?Do you promote constructive cooperation instead of destructive competition?

"not pilfering"

Honesty & Integrity

Do you. keep an honest accounting of your hours?Do you pay for personal expenses rather than charge them?Do you to company expense accounts?Do you avoid making personal long-distance calls on the company's phone?

"showing all good fidelity"

Loyalty & Dependability

Do you. keep your word? Do you do what it takes to meet deadlines? Do you honor what your company stands for?