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Don't Settle For a Bag Lunch

Jule-Ann Lattimer, The Quiet Hour, December, 1997-February, 1998, p. 54

You approach the buffet table and see a golden-brown turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes, lumpless gravy, buttery vegetables, and freshly baked pies. Your friends await your arrival so the feast can begin. "No thanks," you say, "I couldn't wait, so I ate a bologna sandwich and bag of chips on the way."

Ridiculous? Who would choose a bologna sandwich over a turkey dinner?

Christ calls us to look beyond our immediate satisfaction to what He is preparing for us in eternity. He has made wonderful provisions for our future with Him.

So don't settle for a bag lunch when you can have the whole feast. It's worth the wait. The glories that await us in heaven far outweigh any trials or tribulations we might have to deal with here.