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Qualities Needed in Parenting

From Children of Fast-Track Parents Raising self-sufficient and Confident Children in an Achievement-Oriented World, Andree Aelion Brooks; Penguin Books, NY, 1989, page 28. Used with permission, quoted in The Relaxed Parent by Tim Smith, p. 9

Qualities Needed to Succeed In a Chosen Career

Qualities Needed to Meet the Needs of a Growing Child

A constant striving for perfection

A tolerance for repeated errors



A need to be free from time constraints to focus

Plenty of time for family activities on work



A goal-oriented attitude toward the project at hand

Emphasis on process, surprises and change as the child matures

A total commitment to yourself

A total commitment to others

A stubborn self-will

A softness and willingness to bend


A tolerance for chaos

A belief that succeeding must always be the top priority

An understanding that failure promotes growth

A controlling nature that enjoys directing others

A desire to promote independence in others even if their ways are not your ways

A concern about image

A relaxed acceptance of embarrassment



A feeling that nobody is as smart as you

A true respect for your child's abilities free from comparison with your own

A preference for concise information

Able to listen patiently while children talk

An exploitation of others

Able to put another's needs ahead of one's own