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From POEMS by Annie Johnson Flint. Used by permission of the publishers, Evangelical Publishers, Toronto. The Disciplines of Life, by Raymond V. Edman (Minneapolis: World Wide Publ., 1948), p. 228.

It is the branch that bears the fruitThat feels the knife,To prune it for a larger growthAnd fuller life,

Though every budding twig be loppedAnd every graceOf swaying tendril, springing leafBe lost a space.

Oh, thou whose life of joy seems reft,Of beauty shorn,Whose aspirations lie in dust,All bruised and torn,

Rejoice, though each desire, each dream,Each hope of thineShall fall and fade; it is the hand of love divineThat holds the knife, that cuts and breaks

With tenderest touch,That thou, whose life hast borne some fruit,May now bear much.

- Annie Johnson Flint.