Mark Baker

Mark Baker

I was raised in the Catholic Church and through a series of circumstances I gave my life to Jesus Christ at the Age of 17, and I have never been the same. For the first time I found peace and the reality I had been seeking since I was a child.

I began to study His Word and had a deep hunger for the things of God.
Our Church had a Bible college which I enrolled in after receiving my call into ministry at the age of 19. I met my future wife there as well. We later got married and have been happily married since then in 1976.

Later God called us to go to Oklahoma and attend Rhema Bible training center where I graduated from the first class of their second year program.

My great desire is to be a help and be an assistance to all who are seeking truth to come into a deeper understanding of what God has done for us through Christ Jesus. I have seen God’s absolute faithfulness over and over through out the years and know with absolute certainty what He has done for me and my family, He will do for you and yours.

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