Wayne Coleman

Wayne Coleman

Founder and President of Debt Free Ministries, Incorporated; Author of Obedience The Key to Prosperity.

Since February of 1977, Wayne Coleman, under the leadership of our Lord has conducted the "Financial Freedom Seminar" throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The objective of Wayne Coleman’s ministry is to "Free the Church for Missions and Ministries" in a form that pleases God. The goal for his sermon outlines is to teach and lead others to an obedient faith walk with our Lord in the area of personal as well as corporate finances. Marriages have been healed, joy has replaced stress, souls have been saved, and individuals have been set free for the Master’s use.

Wayne Coleman states, "Our God is sufficient to meet any need that he has allowed, according to his methods, timing, and definition of provision, or He is not God."

Use Wayne Coleman’s sermon ideas to teach about finances and debt for godly people.

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