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Zach Terry has proclaimed the Word of God since surrendering to God’s call in 1996. For nine years Zach traveled the country preaching in various Churches and area wide Crusades primarily doing the work of an Evangelist. In 2005 sensing a burden for the local Church as God’s plan to evangelize the nations, Zach answered the call to serve Christ as a Senior Pastor.

Having served in both rural and metro settings Zach has developed a communication style that connects with a vast array of people. His passion is to accurately exposit God’s Word while doing so in a manner that engages a contemporary audience.

In 2007 Zach was awarded the Westminster John Knox Press Award from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY for excellence in the study of preaching.

Zach and his wife Julie are married with three children and live in North Alabama, where Zach serves as the Senior Pastor of the Capshaw Baptist Church. For more information about Zach Terry and his ministry visit

Sermons by Zach Terry
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Sermon Title 
Decision Making (15) PREVIEW
David and Bathsheba (14) PREVIEW
You Are Mephibosheth (13) PREVIEW
Five Stones of Courage (12) PREVIEW
Three Principles of Providence (11) PREVIEW
Biblical Keys to Success (10) PREVIEW
Blind Eyes and Burning Hearts PREVIEW
Genesis (1) PREVIEW
The Fall (2) PREVIEW
Sin and Promise (3) PREVIEW
Three Questions in Suffering (4) PREVIEW
Miserable Counselors (5) PREVIEW
Covenant (6) PREVIEW
Glory (7) PREVIEW
The Law of God (8) PREVIEW
A Caleb Attitude (9) PREVIEW
Hebrews - Introduction (1 of 11) PREVIEW
How Will You Escape? (2 of 11) PREVIEW
Our Great and Merciful King (3 of 11) PREVIEW
When the Soul Finds Rest (4 of 11) PREVIEW
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