James Merritt

James Merritt
Cross Pointe Church
Southern Baptist Convention

A 21st century prophet, Dr. James Merritt, pastor of Cross Pointe Church near Atlanta, Georgia and host of the television broadcast Touching Lives. Sharing God's powerful message through a powerful medium, Dr. Merritt's purpose remains to bring lost souls to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

Powerfully saved at the age of nine and accepting the call to preach at the age of twenty-one, Dr. Merritt received his undergraduate degree from Stetson University and his Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in
Louisville, Kentucky.

In June of 2000, Dr. Merritt was elected as President of the Southern Baptist Convention which currently hosts a membership of well over 15.8 million individuals and over 40,000 churches across the United States. Dr. Merritt has also previously served on numerous committees for the Southern Baptist Convention including Chairman of the Executive Committee and the President of the Southern Baptist Convention's Pastors Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Each week, viewers from around the country listen to the pure and simple presentation of the gospel message. Dr. Merritt's messages resound with a resonating call for personal evangelism and are characterized by their expository instruction. Delivering the transforming gospel, Dr. Merritt applies its relevance to your life!

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Sermon TitleSermon Author
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Simple Connection (2 of 4) James Merritt
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Don't Tempt Me (2 of 4) James Merritt
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Wonder Woman James Merritt
Off Ramp (1 of 4) James Merritt
Rest Stop (2 of 4) James Merritt
Root Canal (3 of 4) James Merritt
Life Lift (4 of 4) James Merritt
The Other Side of Life (4 of 5) James Merritt
On the Other Hand (1 of 5) James Merritt
Some Other Time (2 of 5) James Merritt
How the Other Half Lives (3 of 5) James Merritt
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