Jesse Hendley

Jesse Hendley

October 11, 1907-November 30, 1994

Jesse M. Hendley was educated at Georgia Tech, Columbia Seminary, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As one of America's foremost evangelists, he has conducted numerous crusades throughout the United States and overseas. His 67 years of preaching include 14 years as pastor of the Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA, which grew from 200 to 2,300 members under his ministry. For more than 63 years, he was the director of the Radio Evangelistic Hour gospel broadcast.

A pastor, evangelist, Bible teacher, radio minister, and conference speaker, Dr. Hendley has preached from every chapter in the Bible. Listeners have heard heartwarming sermons on the love of God and other devotional themes and have found encouragement, comfort, instruction, guidance, and inspiration for daily living.

Aware of the responsibility to preach the whole counsel of God, Dr. Hendley also includes the warning messages of the Bible. He was uncompromising in his presentation of hell and judgment.

His prayer was that the Spirit of God would make the Word of God - preached from a heart of love - come alive to every listener, resulting in a new relationship with Christ as personal Savior and Lord.

Dr. Hendley went to be with his Lord, November 30, 1994.

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