Rocco Badenhorst

Rocco Badenhorst

Integrity Ministries was founded by a missionary and his wife, Rocco and Darlene Badenhorst as a non-profit organization. They had a yearning to meet the spiritual needs of many souls through the Power of the Holy Spirit. One of the ways they do this is through prayer. They call this kind of prayer "Intercessory Prayer." They believe that the heart of God is moved when they come to Him in prayer and petition on behalf of the needs of others. They are reaching lost souls, (sinful humanity), through the Power of the Holy Spirit" and the application of the Word of God."

They were missionaries in East London, South Africa for many years before coming to the United States of America in July of 1987. They continue their mission and now have their base in Illinois.

Integrity Ministries is taking the gospel (the good news), of Jesus Christ to the peoples of the earth; those who have not had the opportunity to hear the gospel even one time.

They have started a new church in Bloomington, and have become spiritual covering to many foreign churches in Nigeria, with International Headquarters in Benin City, Nigeria. They are doing missions trips to those areas to train and equip pastors for the ministry.

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