Bob Wickizer

Bob Wickizer
Grace Episcopal Church

Bob Wickizer was ordained an Episcopal priest early in 1999 and served as the Assistant Rector at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, High Point, North Carolina. Having attended seminary at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California, Wickizer's calling to ordained ministry emerged out of an earlier career of high technology software startup companies in Silicon Valley.

In his business and technology career, Wickizer left an unfinished doctoral dissertation in Physics at Washington University, St. Louis to design medical X-ray CT scanners in the mid-1970's. After a brief period teaching physics of diagnostic radiology at the University of Missouri- School of Medicine, he went on to start and eventually sell two software companies in the diagnostic imaging field.

While in Silicon Valley, Wickizer became active in an Episcopal Church there. The death of his father in 1990 led him to realize that the richness of the Kingdom of God far exceeds any amount of wealth in the kingdom of Silicon. From 1991 until entering seminary full time in 1995 he moved equally between the two worlds of high tech software, venture capital and business development and the role of part time seminary student. While in seminary in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Wickizer was awarded second prize from the Templeton Foundation and the Boston Theological Institute for his writings on science and religion. He is currently on the pastorate at SSt. Philip's Episcopal Church in Laural, MD.

Sermons by Bob Wickizer

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