Woodland Heights Christian Church

Tony Thomas is the Sr. Minister at Woodland HeightsChristian Church in Crawfordsville, IN. He was born and raised in Miami, OK and received his education at Cincinnati Christian University in Cincinnati, OH.

The Thomas’s lived in Cincinnati, OH for 17 years before moving to Wabash, IN (eight years) and accepted the position at Woodland Heights in 2002. Woodland Heights is currently in a relocation project, having purchased 49 acres of land on the northeast side of Crawfordsville on State Road 47 North.

Thomas is amember of the Crawfordsville Rotary Club, coaches track at Crawfordsville HighSchool (since 2006) and coached girls’ basketball at Crawfordsville High School for twelve years. He currently coaches 5th grade girls basketball at Hoover Elementary (November-December) and 8th grade girls basketball at Northridge Middle School (January-March).

For seven years he wrote a weekly column for the Logansport Pharos-Tribune, the Paper of Montgomery County in Crawfordsville, and The Paper inWabash. He is the author of A Smidgeon of Religion.

Tony and Christie have been married for 43 years. Christie is a Title 1 Teacher’s Aide at Hoover Elementary. The Thomas’s have three grown daughters, and they are the proud grandparents of Emma, Marshall, Gabe, Brooklyn and Corey.

Sermons by Tony Thomas
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Sermon Title 
Man of Vision (38 of 66) PREVIEW
Wait Upon the Lord (6 of 6) PREVIEW
The Anti-Complacent Prophet (36 of 66) PREVIEW
Prophet of Priorities (37 of 66) PREVIEW
When Your Faith Is Tested (5 of 6) PREVIEW
Sarcasm in Spades (30 of 66) PREVIEW
Deceived By Pride (31 of 66) PREVIEW
The Prodigal Prophet (32 of 66) PREVIEW
Advocate for the Poor (33 of 66) PREVIEW
The Peril of Negligence (34 of 66) PREVIEW
The Impatient Prophet (35 of 66) PREVIEW
Trust in the Lord (4 of 6) PREVIEW
Don't Be Anxious (1 of 6) PREVIEW
Stand Firm (2 of 6) PREVIEW
Overcoming Depression (3 of 6) PREVIEW
A Road Map to Heaven (1 of 66) PREVIEW
Where It All Begins (2 of 66) PREVIEW
Freedom From Slavery (3 of 66) PREVIEW
God's Book on Worship (4 of 66) PREVIEW
A Tragic Pilgrimage (5 of 66) PREVIEW
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