Patrick Edwards – Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Patrick serves as Lead Pastor of Lake Gaston Baptist Church in Littleton, NC. Patrick received his Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Virginia and Masters degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently finishing his Ph.D., writing a dissertation entitled,“Opponents of the Kingdom of Heaven: Karl Barth and the ‘Fall’ of the Demons.”

Patrick is married to the love of his life,Teresa, and the two have one son, Aiden, a daughter, Charley, and arambunctious Golden Retriever, Sawyer.

Sermons by Patrick Edwards
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Sermon Title 
What Is the Best Use of the Times? (36) PREVIEW
What's the Point? (35) PREVIEW
The Case against Consumerism (34) PREVIEW
How (Not) to Find Meaning (33) PREVIEW
This So-Called Life (32) PREVIEW
Love Actually Is... (31) PREVIEW
The Joy of the Garden (30) PREVIEW
Rough Patches and Reconciliation (29) PREVIEW
Desire, Restraint, and Hope (28) PREVIEW
The Cultivation of Love (27) PREVIEW
The Valiant Lovingkindness of the Redeemer (28) PREVIEW
Do We Fear God for Something or Nothing? - Part 1 (1) PREVIEW
Do We Fear God for Something or Nothing? - Part 2 (2) PREVIEW
Must We Appease God for Blessing? (3) PREVIEW
Is Hardship a Sign of Our Sin? (4) PREVIEW
Does the World Operate According to Justice? (5) PREVIEW
Is Suffering Given to Help Us Repent of Sin? (6) PREVIEW
Who Is God and Can He Be Trusted? (7) PREVIEW
What Is God's Desire for Us? (8) PREVIEW
The Blessing and Value of Seeking Wisdom (9) PREVIEW
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