First Baptist Church
Baptist --SBC

I was saved and baptized at the age of 16 through the ministry ofRiverside Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA. I was called by God to preach His word in 1975. That year I was licensed to preach by Parkview Baptist Church of Laurel, MS, and then ordained one year later by the same church.

Since 1978 I have served 8 Southern Baptist churches as Pastor in bothMississippi and Florida. For the past 10years I have been the pastor of First Baptist Church, Clara, MS.

Style of Preaching:
I consider myself to be an expository preacher in that at least the major points of my sermon should come directly from the selected passage of Scripture. Since I believe the Bible to be God breathed I also believe that it contains the power to change lives. For the past 39 years of preaching ministry here and in many other countries of the world I have sought to share with others the inexhaustible truths of God’s Word.

B.S. Sociology,University of Central Arkansas – 1978
MDiv. New OrleansBaptist Theological Seminary – 1981
DMin. New OrleansBaptist Theological Seminary – 1988

Sermons by Richard Bradley
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