Lake Oconee Presbyterian Church

Marion Clark has been a pastor for thirty-five years and presently serves on the pastoral staff of Lake Oconee Presbyterian Church in Georgia. He served on the staff of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for sixteen years where he was trained in the tradition of expository preaching under the late James Montgomery Boice. There he was introduced to the expository ministry of Dick Lucas and of the Simeon Trust.Through these influences he developed his method of first teaching the meaning of the text and then applying lessons. His philosophy of preaching is that it is the preacher's task to teach the message of the text and to proclaim Christ and the gospel.

Sermons by Marion Clark
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Sermon Title 
The Steadfast Love of the Lord PREVIEW
Refuge and Strength PREVIEW
Bowls Full of Woes PREVIEW
Babylon's Fall PREVIEW
The Odd Wage Scale PREVIEW
Justice, Kindness, Humility PREVIEW
The Doctrine of Justification PREVIEW
Celebration of the Victor PREVIEW
Celebration of the People PREVIEW
A Light (1 of 4) PREVIEW
A Child (2 of 4) PREVIEW
A Branch (3 of 4) PREVIEW
A Banner (4 of 4) PREVIEW
The Christ Gift (1 of 5) PREVIEW
The Worthy Manner (2 of 5) PREVIEW
The Old Self (3 of 5) PREVIEW
Being a Forgiver (4 of 5) PREVIEW
Exposing the Darkness (5 of 5) PREVIEW
Fellowship of the Gospel PREVIEW
Keeping and Being Kept PREVIEW
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