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Johnny Hunt has served in ministry for almost 40 years in churches throughout North Carolina. He has most recently served as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia, a church of more than 19,000. While his church has seen tremendous growth under his leadership, Pastor Hunt’s focus has always been on others – preaching to others and shepherding them into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In addition to serving in these churches, Pastor Hunt served as President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2008-2010 and President of the SBC Pastor’s Conference in 1996. He also authored the book Building Your Leadership Resume: Developing the Legacy that Will Outlast You.

His passion for leading others to salvation and serving them in discipleship is a common theme in his sermon outlines. Check out his sermons online today!

Sermons by Johnny Hunt
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Sermon Title 
Principles of Grace Giving PREVIEW
Giving What One Desires to Give PREVIEW
Beginnings (A Burdened Servant) PREVIEW
Beginnings (Passion Fires Up Purpose) PREVIEW
Beginnings (A Defining Moment) PREVIEW
Beginnings (Uncharted Waters) PREVIEW
Beginnings (1) PREVIEW
A Matter That Needed to Be Settled PREVIEW
Real Faith Expresses Love and Good Things PREVIEW
Grace Expresses Forgiveness PREVIEW
Who Will Come and Go with Me? PREVIEW
Jesus: His Passion and Purpose - Jesus' Baptism Tells the Story PREVIEW
Passion and Purpose PREVIEW
We Are to Be Shining Lights PREVIEW
Passion and Purpose: The Gospel Made Known: Possible or Probable PREVIEW
Passion and Purpose PREVIEW
Passion and Purpose PREVIEW
Passion and Purpose PREVIEW
Because We Love PREVIEW
Inviting Others PREVIEW
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