Fenton Moorhead

Fenton Moorhead
Brookwood Church
Southern Baptist Convention

Fenton Moorhead is recognized as the pastor who loves missions. Fenton has been pastoring churches and starting new mission ministries since 1965.

Fenton is the co-founder of Living Water International, a Houston-based ministry, which provides clean water to people in desperate need, along with the good news of Christ. LWI trains missionaries and church volunteers in water well drilling and hand pump installation. LWI also drills deep, high capacity wells, which provide water for 25,000+ people. LWI has work in Africa, India, South America, and Central America. Over 350 water projects have been completed at schools, hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps and churches, for very needy people. Eleven million children a year die from diseases related to unclean water in third world countries. Over a million people drink clean water every day from LWI wells! Go to www.living-water.org for more information.

Fenton has also been instrumental in aiding innovative mission work in Mongolia, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Honduras, and in many parts of Africa.

Fenton recently completed 12 years as Senior Pastor of the 5,000 member Sugar Creek Baptist Church in southwest Houston (Sugar Land). In 1994 Fenton’s congregation built a $6 M worship center that seats 2,600 and by God’s grace paid the entire debt in less than a year. Also, the church has been the main sponsor of 35 new churches in Houston, AZ, CO, and SC. In 2001 Sugar Creek gave $1.7 million to global mission causes.

Fenton also organized a camp for "at risk" boys and girls ages 12-16, in the greater Houston area. This "Urban Camp" has been held every summer for eleven years with many thousands of boys and girls participating. The camp is led entirely by volunteers from Sugar Creek's membership and mission churches.

Fenton and his wife, Mary, have been married 41 years. They have three married children and six grandchildren. Their son Jim is a pastor on the staff of Sienna Valley Community Church in southwest Houston. David is a mortgage broker in north Houston. Their daughter Amy is married to David Hardy, Associate Pastor of the Brookwood Community Church in Greenville, SC.

Fenton is presently Pastor of Missions at the fast growing Brookwood Community Church, (3,800 in attendance in 7 years) in Greenville SC.

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