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What Should Christians Be Teaching Their Kids about Gender?
by Carrie Dedrick

Twenty years ago, most parents probably didn't have discussions about gender identity with their children. While transgenderism existed then, and has since biblical times (read Deuteronomy 22:5), transgenderism is more prominent in the world today than ever before. Transgender people are featured on TV shows, movies, and even children's books (see Read More

The Christian Bucket List: 50 Things to Do before Heaven
by Joe McKeever

This has become a popular parlor game and a best-selling theme for all kinds of books -- places to go, things to do, foods to eat, scenes to see, before you leave this world, or "kick the bucket." That's what gave it the name "bucket list." Hollywood made a movie about this a few years ago. Today was evidently a morning of slow news because one of the television shows ran a feature on beer, "50 brews on our bucket list." "Oh great," I thought. "Just what some beer-guzzling couch-potat... Read More

10 Ways to Love Your Transgender Neighbor
by John UpChurch

We love the title so much that we forget the scandal behind it. When people called Jesus a "friend of sinners," they really didn't mean that as a compliment. They meant it to discredit Him, to shame Him, to rebuke those who followed Him. Mainly, the title was meant as a point of separation. And that's just what happened-but not like they wanted. They meant to say they were better than Jesus. But what it really showed was the mud-caked, stony heart stuck i... Read More

How to Teach Your Congregation to Pray
by Joe McKeever

"Now, it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, Lord, teach us to pray as John also taught the disciples.'" (Luke 11:1) The Lord's people want to pray. Most of the Lord's people want to learn to pray. You are the one to teach them effective praying, pastor. You do know how, do... Read More

How the Gospel Frees Us to Risk
by Russell Moore

I heard not long ago from a man I haven't seen since high school. When asked about his religious beliefs, he simply says he is "an atheist until proven otherwise." I fear sometimes that, despite all my Sunday learning, I'm the same thing. It's not just that I want to be protected from whatever scares me; I want to be reassured now that this protection will always be there. I want Christ, but I too often want him as a kind of quantifiable spiritual asset, ... Read More

Appreciating the Value of Rest
by Cory Mansfield, SermonSearch Staff

Hey there! How are you doing? Wait. Don't answer that. Let me're busy. Ha! Isn't that the answer we give anyone who asks us how we are or how we've been? "Oh I'm great, just been real busy lately." Maybe it's a stamp of maturity. Maybe it shows our importance. Maybe people will be wowed by our busyness. Or maybe, just maybe, we c... Read More

6 Reasons to Stay at Your Church as Long as Possible
by Paul Lamey

With sweat pouring down my cheek, he said to me: "Put your head down; focus on the path before you. Don't look to the right or the left. Take your time. Don't finish quick but finish well." This is how my dad taught me to mow the lawn. This is also wisdom for maintaining longevity in ministry. I find that it is rare for pastors to stay in one church for long, much less to stay in one place until their ministry is complete. Half the ministers beginn... Read More

So, You Failed…Here Are Your next 4 Steps
by Ben Liles

I can't believe it... It's over... I'll never be able to recover... In all my years of working with church planters and other ministers, these words still break my heart like no other. I have cried with and for them, and I have worked through the pain that follows. Many of these people feel called to lead or pastor, and for reasons unbeknownst to them at the time, they are closing their churches or having to leave ministry. As a counsel... Read More

The Necessity of Preaching Impractical Applications
by Eric McKiddie

Our congregations often judge us based on how practical our application is. If it is obvious how the sermon ought to affect one's life, then it was a good sermon. But if they stroll out to their cars without knowing what one or two behaviors to change, your church will be disappointed. If you are getting a steady flow of visitors you are trying to retain and assimilate, the pressure to be practical is even greater. Who wants to be labeled "irrelevant" by folks who ar... Read More

5 Reasons Why Pastors Don't Preach on Gluttony
by Joe McKeever

A cartoon shows a sign in front of a caf: "Specializing in meals that leave you bloated and lethargic, followed by self-loathing." A man says to his wife, "I liked it better when they called it comfort food." I know the feeling, friend. A while back, I was in another state speaking for two nights. The first morning after I had arrived, I had gotten up early and found a downtown diner that catered to the locals. I met a lot of ... Read More

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