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What a Pastor Should Tell His People about This Election
by Joe McKeever

Many say there has never been such an election as this. Whether that’s the case or not depends on when you lived. John Adams felt that if the country elected Thomas Jefferson as president, it was all over. Much of the country felt in 1860 that if Abraham Lincoln was elected, the nation could not survive. It almost didn’t. And throughout FDR’s four terms, people spoke of him in the bitterest of ways, calling him a dictator, saying whoever assassinated him was doing th... Read More

Host a Live Online Conference with Matt and Lauren Chandler
by Cory Mansfield, SermonSearch Brand Coordinator

On Friday night, November 11, Matt and Lauren Chandler are hosting a live, online dating conference called Mingling of Souls and you have the opportunity to host this live event at your church! Matt has been the lead pastor of The Village Church in Texas for 14 years.   I first became acquainted with Matt and his ministry through the Catalyst podcast. I had been commuting an hour to work and an ... Read More

3 Indispensable Heart-Qualities for Joyful, Effective Ministry
by Paul Tripp

Why did Jonah run from God? Some would argue that we have no clear explanation, but I believe that Scripture interprets Scripture, and in chapter 4, we get a window onto Jonah's heart: Jonah ran from God because Jonah didn't share the h... Read More

The Value of Rest
by Cory Mansfield, SermonSearch Brand Coordinator

If you are in leadership, especially the role of pastoring/shepherding God’s people, let’s be clear, it is a beautiful yet difficult calling. The possibility of burnout is very real. There are so many facets to your role, in fact, you are probably taking care of things you never imagined you would be doing. When you answered the call to enter the ministry as a pastor, you probably envisioned studying the Scriptures, preaching the Scriptures, sharing the gospel w... Read More

10 Hallmarks of Great Churches and Great Leaders
by Brian C. Houston

Why am I here? What was I born to do? In the heart of every man and woman is the longing to know his or her purpose. Knowing and understanding your purpose – what you are called to do and what you are anointed for – is key to walking the path to greatness. A career is what you are paid to do but a calling is what you were made to do. That is the difference. It is my experience that there are principles that undergird success and lasting greatness, no matter... Read More

Preaching as Worship
by Michael Duduit

A dangerous trend has emerged in the American evangelical church in the past two decades. Increasingly, our members (and even leaders) think of worship as the musical segment of the service, while preaching is considered a separate category apart from worship. In the midst of the often-foolish worship wars that have embroiled so many churches, this dichotomy between preaching and worship has slipped into our church life almost unnoticed.Enter Michael Quicke, who insists preaching ... Read More

It’s Join a Small Group Month
by Cory Mansfield

Did you know September is Join a Small Group month? Woo hoo! Let the celebrations begin!   Ok, ok, ok. You got me. It’s not. But we recognize how vital the role of small groups play in the life of the church and the life of the individual believer. God did not create us to be loners. He did not create us to go through life alone.   Look at the following verses.... Read More

10 Ways to Give a Terrible Presentation
by Philip Nation

On a regular basis, I present information. Weekly, I preach sermons and teach Bible studies. Periodically, I teach at universities. On top of those, I also speak at leadership conferences of different types. Suffice it to say that I’ve been a bad presenter in the past and have been witness to some bad presentations in my time. Honing my presentation skills is something that has required a fair amount of discipline in my life&hellip... Read More

5 Reasons People Aren't Volunteering at Your Church
by Ron Edmondson

Do you need more preschool workers to serve children? Do you need more greeters to greet? Do you need more ushers to… ush? If so, you’re in familiar territory. I’ve never met a church that said, “You know… when it comes to volunteers, we’re good. We’ve got plenty. In fact, there’s a waiting list for the nursery.” Churches everywhere need to mobilize more volunteers to get ministry done. But before you start signin... Read More

10 Reasons to Rejoice (but Mostly, Just One Big Reason)
by Joe McKeever

The coach walks up and down the sideline in front of his players.  “Get your heads up! All of you!  Take those stupid towels off your head!  Let’s show some courage around here!  The game is not over yet.  You’re not defeated until you quit fighting.  Lift up your heads!  Look like champions!” The disciples had returned from a trial run in which they had practiced preaching the gospel of Jesus.  Since the time wou... Read More

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